Pay Franchise Tax for Multiple LLCs & LPs

To pay your Delaware Franchise Tax for multiple LLCs & LPs, simply enter your information below. Once the filing for your franchise multiples has been completed, a confirmation will be sent to your email.

Please note: if you would like to pay Delaware Franchise Tax for a corporation, you will need to go to Pay Your Delaware Franchise Tax page. Even if you own multiple corporations, you will still need to pay your franchise taxes on the other page, separately for each business entity.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. offers a unique service, for a small filing fee, to assist both our clients and non-clients in filing their annual Delaware LLC & LP Franchise Taxes. Please note Harvard Business Services, Inc. is not affiliated with the State of Delaware.

If you have any questions about paying franchise taxes for multiple LLCs or LPs, due dates, or calculating the amount due, feel free to check out our Delaware Franchise Tax FAQs or contact us today.

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