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How to Form a Delaware Corporation

Form a Delaware Corporation

The process of incorporating a company does not have to be daunting. From start to finish, Harvard Business Servcies, Inc. will explain how to start a Delaware corporation and what you'll need to do before, during and after you set up your Delaware corporation.

Form a Delaware Corporation

Are you ready to form your corporation now? Please visit our user-friendly corporation order page. If you need more information, keep reading. 

1. Decide Which Type of Corporation Is Right for You

There are several options to choose from when forming a Delaware corporation. Typically, the general corporation is the most popular, but the close and non-profit corporations offer many benefits as well. If you are not sure which type of corporation is right for you, you can compare details about each type on our general, close and non-profit corporation pages.

2. Choose a Company Name

If your company already has a name, you can usually incorporate using that name—provided it isn't already taken and it meets the naming guidelines you need to follow for an incorporated company. If you're not sure what to name your company and need guidance, see what is required, prohibited and wise for a corporation name. Once you've decided on a name and you wish to see if it is available, Harvard Business Services, Inc. offers a free name check service to assist you.

3. Choose a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent is the liaison between your company and the state, and is required by most states, including Delaware. Registered Agents are responsible for receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of the company. They must be located in the state where the company is incorporated, and their information is listed on the public record via the Certificate of Incorporation. Harvard Business Services, Inc. is the premier Delaware Registered Agent, and our Registered Agent Fee is just $50 per year, guaranteed for the life of your company, as long as your company remains in good standing with the state of Delaware. (See how our low fee compares to that of our competition.)

4. Select Your Director(s)

To release the corporation as your incorporator (i.e., one who prepares, executes and files your Certificate of Incorporation), Harvard Business Services, Inc. requires that you provide at least one Director's name when incorporating a company. Please note: This information will not appear on the Certificate of Incorporation for the public record and does not limit your ability to name other people to your Board of Directors.

5. Determine Your Stock Information

When filing a general and close corporation, the amount of stock for your company, as well as the par value of its shares, needs to be authorized—whether or not you plan to issue stock. Delaware Franchise Taxes are based on the number of shares; therefore, whenever possible, corporation owners prefer to keep the number of shares low. Typically, you should authorize only what you'll need, or think you may need. Corporations with 5,000 or less authorized shares pay the minimum Delaware Franchise Tax each year. Those that exceed 5,000 shares are able to recalculate the corporation's Franchise Tax using two methods, the Assumed Par Value Capital Method and the Authorizing Shares Method. Please see our understanding company stock page for more details on authorizing stock and setting its par value.

6. Obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

A Federal Tax ID Number, or EIN, must be obtained by a business entity before it can open a U.S. bank account, hire U.S. employees or pay U.S. taxes. It is essentially the social security number for your company. Our easy-to-use corporation order form allows you to fill out the necessary details so you can file your company and apply for your EIN at the same time. Thus, Harvard Business Services, Inc. will deal with the IRS on your behalf.

Are you ready to start a Delaware corporation? Please visit our corporation order page or click the button below. If you have questions about how to set up a Delaware corporation, our expert staff is available to help via phone at 800-345-2677, email or live chat.

Form a Delaware Corporation

Once you've set up your corporation, learn more about what to do after forming your company.

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