Your Story: Napster Inc. & Netcapital Inc.

By Carleigh Lowe Monday, August 24, 2009

Your name: John Fanning
Name of your business: Napster Inc. , Netcapital Inc.
Your background: Founding Chairman and CEO of Napster
Your chief characteristic: Driven
Your regular reads: Slashdot: Science, Digg, TechCrunch, Valley Wag, Fortune
Clients, customers, and constituents: Everyone
How long have you been in business? 1979
Where do you do business? Earth. Based in Boston
Your concrete inspiration: Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Getty, JD Rockefeller, Henry Ford,W K Kellogg, William Hewlett, Gordon Moore, Bill Gates
Your big dreams: 100B.
Your first success: Over 1B in assets Jan 2000
The status of your current business: Private
The future of your business: Global
Your greatest challenge in business: Growth and Capital
Business pet peeve: Failure to follow up
Your favorite entrepreneurs, pioneers, mavericks, artists, and heros from real life and history: Ghandi, Michael Dell, Rupert Murdoch, Vinod Khosla, Yosi Amram
The greatest rewards of your entrepreneurship: Creating Value
Your idea of happiness in business: From idea to execution instantly
Your present state of mind: Frantic
Your business advice: NEVER GIVE UP
Your favorite motto: NEVER GIVE UP
Your favorite business book: Dale Carnegie books
Your one sentence business story: Powerful ideas with simple execution

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