Words of Wisdom from Bay Area Entrepreneurs

By Carleigh Lowe Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I recently attended a talk featuring three women who have revolutionized their industries.

Danae Ringelmann: IndieGoGo

Indie GoGo is the largest crowd funding platform in the world. They set out to fix the funding process by empowering people from all over the world to accomplish extraordinary things by donating through their platform. Their belief is that anyone, anywhere who is passionate and works hard should be able to raise money.

Alison Pincus: One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane was created as a curated destination where consumers could shop, get inspired, find their favorite home and lifestyle brands, and discover new ones.

Jory Des Jardins: BlogHer

BlogHer Inc. is a new kind of media company, created in partnership by, for and with women, and men, who are leaders across blogs and social media and are passionately committed to quality content.

Here are a few takeaways from my evening with these entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneurs take ideas and turn them into reality.
  • To be an entrepreneur you must be fixated on a problem, don't be fixated on the solution.
  • Entrepreneurs are hard workers, they just want to do it on their own terms.
  • Networking is essential in entrepreneurship, for sharing resources and stories, and building partnerships by collaborating.
  • You have to listen to your instincts.
  • Having a co-founder can help you create balance. People have different strengths and ideas to bring to the table.
  • You can't map your entrepreneurial journey. It is a process that unfolds organically.
  • Don't wait for the right moment. Just get started and do something.
  • It is important to have core priorities and to be focused.
  • You must learn how to say no.
  • Be true to your mission.
  • You need a great team and you need to be able to give up control.
  • The world will keep saying no to you and you must keep saying yes.



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