Why a Happy Personal Life Is Good for Business


Shift How to Reinvent your BusinessAs Peter Arnell — the marketer behind major brands like Pepsi, Samsung and DKNY — puts it, “Work life and home life equal one life.”

Who you are on-the-job bleeds into who you are after hours and vice versa.

In his book, entitled  SHIFT: How To Reinvent Your Business, Your Career, And Your Personal Brand Arnell chronicles how he applies tried and tested repositioning strategies to his personal brand. He decided to make a shift, “a slight move in…attitude, in…thinking, in…behavior.” And while the book is a slow burn — you’ve closed it and moved on to something else before you realize that his simple ideas have sparked a few basic changes in your thinking — it left me with one core thought.

Maybe it is time for a shift.

Your shift doesn’t have to be a major change like moving to a new city or switching careers. For impact, however, it needs to be deliberate and personal. If you don’t own the change, you won’t push or pursue it for the long haul. So before you start demanding that your work team makes personal improvements, focus on yourself. In my opinion, there are three great reasons why making a few personal changes is good business.

#1 — Creativity and Calm

According to Arnell the greatest stress is inaction. If that’s true, then moves in the right direction eventually feel like progress with some additional positive side effects. Every time I dive into something that I’ve put off for months, years, or just a few days something inside calms down. And then I’m flooded with ideas.

It takes effort to block things out. Why not use that effort to address it and move forward?

#2 — Lead by Example

After managing an eclectic group for almost 12 years in a non-profit specializing in raising foster children, I learned the similarities between my adult team and the boys in our home. People respond quicker to what you do than what you say. If you want them to go the extra mile, let them see you do it first.

Changes like updating how you communicate with people and improving how you take care of folks — including family, customers, clients and employees — goes a long way. Your personal upgrades can become a spark for your team to make personal changes too. A sharper team leads to a sharper business.

#3 — Practice Makes Perfect

Repeated exposure is a major component in remembering something. It’s not the only factor, but the more opportunities people have to experience your brand, the more likely people will remember you. The same is true when learning something new. You need continual exposure to the new way of doing things, or you’ll forget about it.

For example, if you decide to improve your communication — as mentioned earlier — start at home first. Improve your family communication. Practice listening to the kids. Practice being clear before you get annoyed. And then practice it on-the-job. The improvement will go deeper and that’s great for business.

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