U.S. Company Formations for Non-Residents

By Brett Melson Tuesday, July 12, 2016

us company formations for non residentsThe Delaware Corporate Law structure does not impose restrictions on foreign ownership or management.

It also does not require a Delaware LLC to maintain any physical presence in the state of Delaware other than a Registered Office and Registered Agent.

The only document required in order to create an LLC in Delaware is the Certificate of Formation. Unlike other states, Delaware requires very little information to be made public in order to form an LLC.

The Certificate of Formation, which is filed with the Delaware Secretary of State, has to contain only two articles: the name of the Delaware LLC and then the name and address of the Delaware LLC's Registered Office and Registered Agent in Delaware.

In Delaware, members and managers of an LLC are not required to be named on the Certificate of Formation.

Preparation, execution and filing of the Certificate of Formation must be handled by an authorized person or entity; an authorized person is an individual or entity that forms an LLC on behalf of the members by filing the necessary formation documents with the Secretary of State and returning them to the members.

Typically, the authorized person is the LLC’s Registered Agent or an attorney. Once this document is filed, the authorized person releases the LLC to the initial member(s).

The legal instrument that releases the LLC to the initial member(s) is called the Statement of the Authorized Person; this statement is prepared and signed by the Registered Agent, and it is not provided to the state of Delaware.

This information is not required to be filed publicly in Delaware.


Forming a Delaware Company from Outside the U.S.

Why would someone from outside the United States form a company in Delaware? There are numerous advantages to non-residents of the U.S.A. who form companies in Delaware.

When all of an LLC's income is Non-United States Source Income (as defined by the IRS), the members of the LLC who are not residents of the U.S.A. are typically not subject to U.S. federal income taxation.

U.S. non-residents can take advantage of Delaware’s freedom of contract and strong legal infrastructure without having to provide any member information on the public record; they can also operate their LLC anywhere in the world.

For help determining if your company earns U.S. source income, view the helpful Summary of Source Rules for Income of Nonresident Aliens provided by the IRS.

For more information or questions regarding U.S. company formations for non-residents, please feel free to call us at 1-800-345-CORP.

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sony said: Friday, August 17, 2018

Hi Thanks for the information. I would like to start an online business and would like to register it in the US. Is it mandatory to have a bank account in delaware to register a business in delaware or is it fine to have a bank account in any state? Thank you

HBS Staff replied: Monday, August 20, 2018

The bank account can be opened anywhere in the world and does not have to be in Delaware or in the US. Usually the US banks need someone to show up in person, with the approved formation documents we provide and the tax id number for the company.

Unfortunately for our international clients, one of the most common and inflexible requirements for opening a business bank account in the United States is showing up in person to do so. Once you've decided on a bank, it's generally a good idea to call ahead to see what is required to open the account, since requirements differ from bank to bank.

Elvis US said: Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thank you!

HBS Staff replied: Monday, February 26, 2018

You are welcome. Glad you found our blog helpful.

Karan Sahani said: Friday, December 1, 2017

I want to form a company in US. Kindly let me know the process time and cost for this.

HBS Staff replied: Friday, December 1, 2017

Here is the international formation price information:


Here is the domestic formation price information:


Feel free to call us, live chat with us from our homepage or email us at info@delawareinc.com for assistance or more information.


K manoj said: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

hello sir, I am non resident of US lives in India want to form a LLC in delaware.you say i can form an llc and open a bank account with my friend who lives there. suppose i maintain llc and get my paycheks in xxx bank .as i dont have SSN as am not us nationalist how can i take my profits? how can i get personal income? can i directly transfer the amounts to my personal account?

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, August 10, 2017

That is a question that would be best answered by your accountant or a corporate tax professional, as it goes beyond the realm of our specific expertise. Thank you for reading our blog and if you want to form a Delaware LLC, please get in touch with us (Live Chat, email, telephone). We would be happy to help you form your new LLC!

Shivendra said: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hi I want to open a travel agency in USA and want to open a bank account also please help and let me know the way regards shivendra

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, June 8, 2017

We can certainly help you form a Delaware company, either by phone, Live Chat or directly online from Our Services page. Regarding the bank account, each U.S. bank has different requirements for opening a business bank account. Unfortunately for our international clients, one of the most common and inflexible requirements for opening a business bank account in the United States is showing up in person to do so.


While some international business owners are able to travel to the U.S. to open an account, this can cause problems for others. Many people ask a friend or family member who lives in the U.S. to open the bank account on their company’s behalf.


Other business owners appoint a manager (LLC) or director (corporation) who already lives in the U.S. as an authorized person to open and manage the business bank account. Some business owners have had success by finding a branch of an American bank that is located near them, and asking that branch to facilitate opening an account.


Once you've decided on a bank, it's generally a good idea to call ahead to see what is required to open the account, since requirements differ from bank to bank.

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