Top 10 Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves


If you are a business owner, then this is a must read. The Management Craft blog has a terrific article on the 10 Questions Every Leader Ought to Be Asking. This post does a great job at reminding leaders that they thrive when there are problems to be solved. Now, more than ever leaders can create positive change because the opportunity is readily needed and available. The writer, Lisa Haneberg then presents ten thought provoking questions to get the creative juices flowing to lead the way to new solutions and ideas.  Below is an excerpt:

  • What’s the new opportunity that we are not seeing? How might we learn from other organizations, both competitors and non-competitors?
  • How might new trends in how people communicate and work open up new ways to improve our organization? What does the workplace look like when we are focused and in action?
  • When a meeting feels flat and perfunctory, what’s going on? What’s on people minds that they are not saying? What question could I ask that would open the discussion back up? What’s possible if I had the courage to do this?
  • What is “my best work” and how can I ensure I do that today? How can I enable my team to do their best work?
  • If we were starting this organization from scratch, how would we design it? What would we do if resources were not an issue?
  • What’s the craziest idea that just might work?
  • What are the most irksome/damaging barriers facing me and my team right now and how can I reduce or obliterate them?
  • What is my manifesto (driving philosophy and passion) as a leader and how can I ensure my team understands it? What is our team’s manifesto?
  • What’s possible now that was not possible last year/month?
  • Do I have my team focused on doing the work that matters most? How can I optimize how we spend our precious time?

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