Top 10 New Business-Related Words and Phrases

By Christina Cornelius Friday, October 2, 2009

New words and phrases are always entertaining and they often are a sign of the times. Below, we have listed our favorites from the business & technology arena. We certainly are excited to add them to our vocabulary!

  1. Flexenomics – The economics of keeping ones spending and consuming flexible in an uncertain financial climate
  2. Instapreneur – An instant entrepreneur via online shops and selling services that allow anyone with something to sell, including an idea or a design, to go into business right now.
  3. Vlog – a blog that contains video material
  4. Virtual Friday – the last day of work or school due to an extended weekend
  5. Green Collar – of, relating to, or involving actions for protecting the natural environment
  6. Cyberslacking – using one’s employer’s internet and email facilities for personal activities during business hours
  7. Prebuttal – a rebuttal for an accusation before it is made
  8. Ego-surfing – surfing the internet for reference to oneself
  9. Mindshare- a company’s ability to occupy a piece of the public’s consciousness
  10. Sock Puppet – a false online identity
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