Seth Godin's Tips on Hiring


I was recently reading the blog of best-selling author, Seth Godin. In a recent article he offers some interesting advice on hiring, below is an excerpt:

Two ways to hire (and a wrong way)

The wrong way first: interview someone for an hour. If you like them, have them interview three or four other people in your organization for an hour each.

You've invested five hours of your team's time, but really you only were looking for approval, because you'd already decided you liked the person enough to work with them for years.

All the evidence we've seen shows that this is a lousy predictor of future performance. And, let's tell the truth... if the first three people love the guy, are you really going to let the fourth, junior person veto him? Or is it just an annoying courtesy?

There are two approaches you can use as an alternative.

Click on the link below to read the full article where you can get the details on the two inventive interviewing approaches Seth Godin suggests:

Two Ways to Hire (and a wrong way)

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