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QR codes are everywhere—and they’re a great way to share content with your customers—but they’re so…ugly. Now, a Swiss company called LogoGrab has come up with a cool way for your customers to find out what’s new with you by using a hidden QR code embedded in your company logo.

With the LogoGrab app, your customers can scan your company logo and get the same results as if they scanned a QR code. (Why didn’t somebody think of this before?) This revolutionary idea is available with a free app you can use on your iPhone or Android.

To put it to use for your business, you first must register your logo with LogoGrab, and then select the options you want your customers to have. Once they’ve installed the LogoGrab app, they can scan your logo. It will direct them to your LogoGrab page where they can activate coupons from your company, get special offers, or open your product and social media pages.

LogoGrab works wherever your logo is already placed—on your products, marketing materials, and advertisements. Customers can even scan your logo off a billboard!

You’ve got to check this out—register your logo and get started. Then, scan our logo and see what special deals we’re offering this month!

We can see this becoming a very powerful tool for brands to interact with their customers, especially once millions of consumers have the app on their smartphones.

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