Retain Your Best Employees

By Carleigh Lowe Thursday, September 9, 2010

According to Small Business CEO, there are certain employee retention strategies that work better than others. Below is an excerpt:

There are two main problems concerning human resources today. The first one is the unemployment rate which causes grossly under qualified people to apply to your company and the second is employee retention. For business owners, retaining your best employees may pose as a challenge.

Entrepreneurs know how competitive hiring is in the business sector and the fear of employees jumping the fence to join a competitor is more palpable now more than ever. It is hard to find good employees but it is even harder to promote company loyalty. Once you find top quality people to work for you, you have to ensure that you can keep them because retaining quality employees is one of the keys to ensure the growth of your business.

Here are some tips on what you can do to keep the best employees under your wing:

1. Give compensation where it is due. Not all employees are all about the money. You have to be fair in giving out compensation but you also need to ensure that you are within your budget. If your employee deserves a raise because of their performance and you can see that you are well within budget even after you’ve given the raise, then do so. Giving your employees fair pay makes them feel that their contributions to the company are being appreciated which in turn would make them more committed to the company.

2. Enforce an open desk policy. You need to make your employees feel that what they have to say is important because it really is. Whether they need to air a grudge or would offer you some suggestions for the betterment of the company, you need to hear them out. Some of the best ideas come from employees themselves since they are already familiar with the ropes of the business.


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