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registered agent for foreign qualificationThe state of Delaware is world-renowned by international investors, entrepreneurs, start-up titans, venture capitalists, lawyers, accountants, real estate investors and business owners for the strength of its corporate laws, the consistency of its Court of Chancery’s business decisions and the ease of operating and maintaining business entities.

In fact, the state of Delaware consists of more corporate entities (1,181,000 as of Dec 31, 2015) than human residents.

The state of Delaware’s administration works diligently to ensure that Delaware maintains its reputation as “The Incorporation Capital” in order to attract new company formations from all over the world. Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., most of the new business formations formed by clients within the United States comes from states other than Delaware, which automatically necessitates the local compliance matter called Foreign Qualification.

The Foreign Qualification process allows a Delaware company to be governed under the Delaware Corporate Law Structure but still operate locally in another state. When a business owner files Foreign Qualification for a company doing business in another state, he/she must retain a Registered Agent in that state.

While we are primarily known as the leading Registered Agent in Delaware, we also offer Registered Agent service in any state in the nation at a very low, competitive rate of $99 per company.  

In fact, we can also form companies in any state in the nation. If you need to form an LLC in California, a close corporation in Wyoming, a non-profit corporation in Delaware, a limited partnership in Massachusetts or a public benefit corporation in Maryland, we can assist with any business formation in any state in the country.

Thus we can guide you through the creation of your new business entity and act as your Registered Agent for the life of all your companies. We have assisted clients with business formations in every state in America, including Alaska and Hawaii.   

The Registered Agent plays a crucial role in keeping your company compliant and in good standing, which is why it is so important to have an experienced Registered Agent who has a knowledgeable, reliable customer support staff available to answer your questions.

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