Punkin Chunkin


If I were to ask you what is bigger than Corporations and Nascar in Delaware with Corporations being number one and Nascar number two you would say: The World Championship Punkin Chunkin? The what? That’s right The Punkin Chunkin, this world championship event started 26 years ago right here in Delaware is a three day event that happens every year in November and is all about who can chunk a pumpkin the farthest.

It all started back in 1986 by the four founding fathers John Ellsworth, Trey Melson, Bill Thompson and Donald “Doc” Pepper. As said on punkinchunkin.com Ellsworth said, “We were playing around one day and somebody started talking about throwing pumpkins. There had been an article in a newspaper or on television about some people through pumpkins at Salisbury State. A physics class or something. One of us said that they could throw further than someone else and I threw my hat on the ground”

The first event happened in a small field in a woods owned by Thompson near Georgetown, DE the farthest throw that year was 126 feet. Now 25 years later the world record was set in 2008 when the team Young Glory III out of Milton, Delaware chunked a pumpkin 4,483.51 feet.

This annual event is now located on a farm in Bridgeville, DE and attracts over 100,000 people from all over the world and has 13 divisions and more than 100 teams that line up in a semi circle that is more than a mile long.

So, looking for a great time then make sure to check out this one of a kind event. For more information visit www.punkinchunkin.com or catch the event November 24th at 8pm est. on The Discovery Channel.

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