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A couple of months ago I wrote a blog entitled, How Much You Are Paying For Registered Agent Service?”It spoke about how some companies overcharge their clients for Registered Agent service. It explained how other companies bait you with one price and raise the fees on you annually. It explained how Harvard Business Services, Inc's' $50 Registered Agent Fee is guaranteed for the life of the company, and how you can change your Registered Agent to Harvard Business Services, Inc. This is a follow-up to that blog.

We called 6 of the larger agent companies and asked for quotes for their Registered Agent service. Here are the results:

1.     The Company Corporation: $235 per year, and they cannot guarantee this price will not increase. They start low and increase every year. When you form your company, they only give you six month’s Registered Agent service and then bill you again.

2.     Incorp: $99 per year. This is one of the cheaper ones, but still almost 2 times more than Harvard Business Services, Inc. at $50 per year. Their $99 per year is guaranteed to not increase.

3.     Bizfilings: $149 per year the first year. The first 6 months is included in order to steer you away from worrying about this price. Then, 6 months later, you are hit with a bill for $149. It gets worse. The next year, you are charged $167 per year, and this price is not guaranteed; it could very well increase. 

4.     Legal Zoom: $159 per year, with the first month free. So you form your company through them and then one month later you get a bill for $159. Very cleverly, this was to hide the real cost of forming your company with them. They, too, could not guarantee that the $159 per year would not increase every year.

5.    Corporation Trust Company (CT Corporation): $342 per year. Wow! They, too, could not guarantee this fee would not increase.

6.      NRAI (National Registered Agents Inc.): $189 per year. No guarantee it would not increase.

If your company is registered with any of these Registered Agents, I have to ask: why?  If you own 5 or 10 companies, you can save a lot of money by making Harvard Business Services, Inc. your Registered Agent. Why pay so much money if you don’t have to?

A professional Registered Agent is a company that is responsible for receiving and forwarding government and legal documents to its clients in an accurate and timely fashion. Some examples of documents received and forwarded by Registered Agents are Franchise Tax reports from the Secretary of State and notices of legal actions (service of process) involving your company.

We offer this bit of research in hopes that all owners of Delaware companies will become educated about Registered Agent services and the fact that you can  save money, instantly, by changing your Registered Agent to Harvard Business Services, Inc; we charge only $50 per year and we guarantee that your $50 Registered Agent Fee will never be increased as long as you keep your company in good standing and pay in a timely fashion. We have had this policy in effect since we were founded in 1981.

We even put this guarantee in writing! You can print out your Certificate of Guarantee for the $50 per year Registered Agent service.

 Ready to change your Registered Agent to Harvard Business Services, Inc? Simply fill out our easy-to-use change of agent form. The change costs just $50, and your first year of Registered Agent service from us is free! After that, it's just $50 per year, guaranteed.



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