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By Andrew Millman Monday, August 8, 2016

freshbooks cloud accounting

In today’s competitive business world, any advantage that gives you an edge over the competition is worth researching and trying.

Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., we routinely look for new software, products and services that can help us thrive in our industry.


The more efficient and productive each member of an organization can be, the higher the quality of service you are able to offer your customers.


In return, your customers will benefit from a more enjoyable experience and be more likely to use your service again or refer others to you.  It’s a win-win situation.


We have started to use a fantastic online business payment tool called Freshbooks. Freshbooks is an online cloud-based accounting software that is great for setting up new accounts, invoicing, reporting and tracking payments. 


Freshbooks provides a secure, protected online payment gateway platform from which you can receive payments. In the high-tech world in which we live, much of our personal information lives in cyberspace. 

It is both Android- and IOS-friendly, and it allows you to create an invoice online that can be sent to your clients via email.

This is how it works:


  • Create an account for the client, company name, contact person, etc.
  • Create an invoice for the services
  • Email the link with the invoice directly to the client, or to yourself first to review (the latter is my preference)


Your clients can utilize the software on their PC, Mac, smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad, and securely make a payment from anywhere in the world.

Freshbooks also keeps track of unpaid invoices. This feature can be instrumental when you need to follow up with accounts. Freshbooks offers you four options for organizing your accounts:


  • 90 or more days overdue
  • 61-90 days overdue
  • 31-60 days overdue
  • current accounts 


With this excellent administrative mechanism within the online payment tool, you’ll be able to prevent new and existing client payments from slipping through the cracks.



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