NYSE Opening Bell with Delaware’s Gov. Markell


Recently, Delaware’s governor Jack Markell joined a delegation of Israeli and American chief executive officers in ringing the opening bell to celebrate the fifth annual Israel Day at the New York Stock Exchange.  This event kicked off a full day program highlighting business innovations that can lead to new partnerships and mutual investments, creating business opportunities in both the U.S. and Israel.  Many of these businesses are and will be incorporated in Delaware.  More than 55% of corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange are already incorporated in The First State.

The conference highlighted the innovative businesses, from leading global companies to smaller startups. It was an opportunity for keynote speaker Governor Markell to present the many advantages of Delaware as a center for business startups, research and development, as well as finance.  Because of Delaware’s modern and flexible corporate laws and friendly business environment, it has an important role in enabling modern business partnerships that were the focus of the conference.

“Israel and Delaware businesses share a great potential for partnership,” said Governor Markell.  “Israel has led the world in finding ways to successfully commercialize research.  Delaware businesses and our universities have focused increasingly on finding ways to commercialize academic research.  We are becoming a strong national leader in bio-technology, alternative energy, composites, and electrical engineering.  Delaware welcomes innovation and we want more innovative businesses to call Delaware home.”

Further highlighting the business advantages of Delaware he added, “Though Delaware is a small state, we have the highest per capita concentration of patent holders and Ph.D. researchers in the United States.”

This event and many others continue to showcase Delaware as the highly favored state of incorporation for US as well as innovative world-wide businesses.

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