New Annual Registered Agent Fee Due Date Policy

By Amy Fountain Tuesday, April 5, 2016

annual registered agent fee due date When you form a Delaware company through Harvard Business Services, Inc., we want to ensure you receive the most value for your money—thus we believe in providing each Delaware company we form with a full year of Registered Agent service.

Up until now, the exact date on which your company was formed became your anniversary date; it also served as the due date for your annual Registered Agent Fee. For clients who have formed several business entities with us, however, it has become inconvenient to keep track of the exact day the month each company is due.

Therefore we have listened to client feedback and updated our Registered Agent Fee due date policy.

Effective immediately, we are implementing a streamlined approach to the Registered Agent Fee due date process. Rather than pay your Registered Agent Fee on the exact anniversary day of your company’s formation, the Fee will now be due on the 28th day of the month in which your company was formed.

For example, let’s say we form your company March 18, 2016. The next time your Registered Agent Fee will be due is March 28th of next year. All that changes is the day of the month.

If you file a change of agent with Harvard Business Services, Inc., your annual Registered Agent Fee due date will be the 28th day of the same month the following year.

It will be easier for all of us to have one consistent monthly due date for all Delaware entities. Hopefully, this change will also alleviate any internal accounting issues our clients with multiple Delaware entities may be experiencing.

Our Promise Remains: Your annual registered agent fee is fixed at $50 per year for the life of your company. This has not changed.

And one more thing: don’t forget, you can pay your annual Registered Agent Fee any time you’d like via our website.

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