Meet the HBS Team: Heather Garza, Sales Executive


Heather grew up in Orlando, FL where her parents were successful business owners. From an early age her parents taught her the hard work and dedication that it takes to be a thriving entrepreneur. Along with living in Florida, Heather spent several years traveling and living in all parts of the North American continent. She lived in Canada for nearly 2 years and then moved to Mexico where she lived for 6 years.
She moved to Delaware with her husband and worked in the banking industry for several years where she found a passion for helping entrepreneurs. Heather found it to be very rewarding to help new business owners find the funding and point them in the right direction to get their dreams up and running.

When Heather started working at HBS, it was a perfect fit. She really enjoys talking to new people every day from all over the globe and helping them make their business ideas a reality. Her fluency in English, Spanish, and Sign Language and familiarity with various international governments has helped her reach out to international entrepreneurs.

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