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By Rick Bell Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hola AwardsOn Saturday, September 25, 2010, Rick Bell, Chairman and CEO of Harvard Business Services, Inc. spoke at the Second Annual HOLA! Awards in Sussex County, Delaware. Rick was presenting the Harvard Business Services Entrepreneur of the Year Award to the winner selected by local online voters.

Kevin Andrade, Creator of the HOLA! Awards, formed his company through Harvard Business Services, Inc. and has produced a weekly talk show on WGMD in Delaware for the past six years, which focuses on matters important to the local Latino community. The show mixes Spanish and English and has made a big contribution to the Hispanic community.

In 2009, Andrade organized the first HOLA! Awards Gala, which recognizes Community Service and Entrepreneurial Success by persons in the local Hispanic community. Harvard Business Services has been in support of the awards since the beginning and this year the award was named the “Harvard Business Services Entrepreneur of the Year Award”.

Andrade recently acquired an AM radio station, which he is dedicated to developing into a 24/7 community-oriented Latino station called Maxima 900.

Ramiro Herrera was the winner of the award this year. Herrera came to the United States twenty years ago as a field worker. He began working in a restaurant and got his U.S. Citizenship before he decided to buy a restaurant of his own, which he called La Tonalteca. Today he owns 10 La Tonaltecas in Delaware and is working on opening another in January 2011.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. is proud of our supportive relationship with the local Latino community. Heather Garza, Harvard’s Director of Hispanic Communications, has helped many Spanish-speaking clients form LLCs and get started on the road to success. HBS publishes a free booklet, “The Insider’s Guide, WhatYyou Need to Know Before, During and After Forming a Business Entity” in Spanish as well as English. 

Read the full text of Rick Bell’s speech below:

Thank you Kevin for producing this awesome evening.
Next year I think YOU should receive this award.
Thank you everyone for attending this fantastic event. Your support for this event is important and greatly appreciated.

At Harvard Business Services, we form Delaware companies for entrepreneurs all across the country and all around the world. This year, we’ll form more than 6,000 new Delaware companies for our clients, some of whom are right here in this room.

I’d like to introduce you all to Heather Garza, Harvard’s Director of Spanish Language Communications.  Thanks to Heather we have formed strong bonds with the Latino community here in Sussex County and we’re very proud of our reputation for serving all of you with dignity and respect.

I believe that the most important freedom we enjoy here in this great country is the freedom to start a business of your own.

Individuals who start businesses contribute to our community in many ways. They provide the consumers with a goods and services and they provide many of our neighbors with jobs. They keep the economy going in good times and rough times, and they face stiff competition every single day.

New entrepreneurs soon learn that you have to be good, and fast, and efficient at what you do in order to compete.

To be successful you have to promote your business, win new customers continually, please your returning customers and treat them special, all while you juggle the many roles you have to play to be successful.

It takes a vision to be successful, and continually focusing on the vision, even when others around you tell you that you’re trying the impossible.

Entrepreneurs are driven by a calling from within, nobody demands as much of a successful business owner as himself, or herself.
Entrepreneurs take risks, they make mistakes, they learn as they go and they get better at what they do every year. Why?  Because they have to. Small business owners are often called “self-employed”, but we know that’s a myth. Business owners know what it is to make a payroll every week. They work for their employees. Business owners know how demanding the public can be, they work for their customers. Business Owners pay taxes. They contribute to society. They work for the community. You can call them “self-Employed” but owners of small businesses work for all of us.

Tonight we honor Latino entrepreneurs in our community who have already proven to be successful. We acknowledge that their community and their County and their State has respect for their dedication, hard work and accomplishments.

Every one of the nominees already makes a major contribution to the economy of our county and our state. Every one of our nominees tonight deserves this award…..but only one will receive it. You voted, and your choice will now be heard.

And the 2010 Most Respected Latino Entrepreneur is Ramiro Herrera!

Pictured in the photo (Left to Right): Paulise Bell, Rick Bell, Ramiro Herrera and his business partner.

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