Franchise Tax Deadline for LLC and LP

By Amy Fountain Tuesday, May 26, 2015

  If you own a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Limited Partnership (LP), then the date June 1, 2015 is critical to your entity.


This is the deadline forfranchise tax deadline for llc payment for the annual Franchise Tax Fees. 


Every LLC or LP formed in the state of Delaware is required to pay the annual Franchise Tax Fee in order to maintain compliance. The minimum amount due for the Franchise Tax is $300 per entity, per year.


If the Franchise Tax filing is not received by the deadline, the state of Delaware will automatically add a $200 late penalty, plus interest.


Harvard Business Services, Inc. offers a service, for an additional fee, to assist with the filing of your company’s annual Franchise Tax. If you have not paid your Delaware Franchise Tax yet, you need to take care of this immediately. You can make your payment securely on our website via this link,


Every year, we process thousands of Franchise Tax filings in a timely manner with the state of Delaware.If you use our service to pay your Delaware Franchise Tax we guarantee on time payment, or we will pay your penalty. In order to guarantee this, we must enforce a deadline. This deadline allows us to accurately process all filings in our possession before the state of Delaware’s deadline.


  • On Friday, May 29, our office will be accepting Franchise Tax payments online and via fax, email or telephone during regular business hours, 9 AM to 5 PM EST
  • On Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, our office will ONLY be accepting online payments. We will be unable to answer any telephone calls, correspond via live chat or respond to emails
  • On Monday, June 1, our office will ONLY be accepting online payments until 2 PM EST.  We will be unable to answer telephone calls, correspond via live chat or respond to emails after this time


After 8 PM EST on June 1, Harvard Business Services, Inc. will no longer be able to accept any Franchise Tax payments in any form. All payments after this time will need to be filed directly with the state of Delaware. You will have to contact the state office directly in order to make payment and filing arrangements.  The contact details are as follows:


Telephone:  302-739-3073


If you have any questions about Franchise Taxes and the deadline, please telephone our office at 1-800-345-2677 or 1-302-645-7400, Extension 6904. You can also email your questions to


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