Can I File My Delaware Company Directly With the State?


We often have clients ask us if they can file their documents directly with the state. In the industry, we call that "self filing," and we encourage people who don’t mind putting in some time and effort, and are willing to pay for expedited service, to try it themselves.

Clients look to us for various filing services as their company needs them, not just the initial formation. For example, some clients need a Certificate of Good Standing to present to their bank in order to open up a corporate bank account for their Delaware LLC or corporation. Other clients need to amend their original Certificate of Incorporation in order to increase the number of authorized shares. We also have clients that need to change the name of their entity by filing a name amendment with the state. We can prepare and file these matters for our clients, or a client can prepare the documents and file them directly with the state.

With all the expenses of a start up business and trying to get a Delaware company up and running, clients may be looking for the most cost effective way to get these sort of things done. With this said, we often get the question, “Can’t I just file this directly with the state?” and the answer is, yes you can. In this blog however, I want to review the pros and cons of filing these sorts of documents yourself vs. having Harvard take care of it for you.

To order a Certificate of Good Standing directly from the state of Delaware you must do so in writing. Simply send a written request to the Division of Corporations along with a fee of $50 if you want their regular service. Once they receive your written request they will then mail you the Certificate of Good Standing. This may take a week or more unless you ask to expedite the service. To expedite the service to receive the document within two hours is an additional $500 and within one hour you are looking at a $1000 fee.

Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., we work directly with the state of Delaware through a digital imaging system that allows us to electronically file these types of documents directly with the state. You can place your order online or over the phone and do not have to submit anything in writing. You can order the certificate of good standing right from our Web site.

You can choose our expedited service as well, if you’re in a rush. We can have the certificate of good standing to you within 48 hours or less with our standard service for $99, or we’ll scan and send your certificate the same day using the expedited service for only $124. Both of our services include the state fee for the filing.

This is just one example of a document for your Delaware company that can be obtained either through the state or directly from Harvard Business Services, but the same goes for a name or stock amendment. Let Harvard Business Services, Inc. take care of this for you so you can focus on the success of your Delaware company.

For a list of all the additional services Harvard Business Services provides, please visit our services page, or feel free to give us a call and speak with anyone here. We're ready to help.

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