How to Create Effective Email Marketing


Whether it’s promoting a new product or reminding customers of a deadline, email marketing is a quick, easy and affordable way for you to get your message out to your customers. There are a number of companies that provide tools for launching and tracking your own email marketing campaigns.  But before you sign-up for a service and start aimlessly blasting away at your customer base, perhaps you should consider the marketing train program and the three cars of the train that Chia-Li Chien of explained in her article "How to Create Effective E-mail Marketing." In her words, here's how to create effective email marketing:

Active marketing. Active marketing involves programs that allow you to be in front of your target clients and customers. For example, my business markets to women business owners. Therefore, my active marketing programs consist of speaking engagements, quarterly business retreats, teaching classes, strategic relationship building and networking with women business owner associations. This allows me to stay in front of my target clients in the most effective way.

Passive Marketing. Passive marketing involves little interaction but is a great resource for someone who is searching for information.  In my business, examples include books, websites, brochures, manuals, this column for, articles, blogs, etc. These are reference materials that stay passive. The important part of passive marketing is becoming an expert in your industry so you stand out and take the leadership position.

Follow-up. This is where your newsletter comes in. It allows you to follow up consistently and stay in front of your target clients. We use ConstantContact to e-mail our Journal of Value Growth on a Monthly Basis.

Infographics can also be helpful in preparing an email marketing campaign.

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