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By Paul Sponaugle Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whether it’s changing the name of an entity or re-organizing an entity, changes like this often seem to raise the question, “Do I need to get a new EIN?” Ultimately, that decision will be made by the IRS, but as a rule of thumb, any time a business re-organizes it will need a new EIN (Federal Tax ID).  Examples of re-organization include:

  • Changing from a corporation to another entity, like an LLC or Limited Partnership, or vice versa
  • Incorporating in a new state, resulting in a new state charter
  • Merging corporations, resulting in a new corporation
  • Changing a sole proprietor to a partnership or other business entity like a corporation, LLC, etc
  • Changing a partnership to a sole proprietor or other business entity like a corporation, LLC, etc
  • Changes to a partnership, resulting in a new partnership (i.e. one partner out, a new partner in)
  • Changes in business ownership that result in the original EIN applicant no longer maintaining ownership of the company

Aside from re-organizing a business, most other changes typically do not require a new EIN.  Some examples of changes that do not require a new EIN are:

  • Changing the name of your business
  • Changing a location or adding a location
  • Electing to be taxed as an S corporation or electing, on Form 8832 Entity Classification Election, to change the way the entity is taxed
  • A partnership or corporation declares bankruptcy

These lists are not meant to cover all situations, but do cover a number of common changes we see every day here at Harvard Business Services, Inc.  If you still wonder whether or not you need a new EIN, check out this article www.IRS.gov entitled, “Do You Need a New EIN?”

You can fill out this order form if you'd like Harvard Business Services, Inc. to obtain a new EIN order form for your business. It's never been easier!

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