Delaware: The Complete Package for Business

By Brett Melson Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What state incorporates more than 63% of fortune 500 companies and 76% of all new Initial Public Offerings in 2010? One might think it must be a large state with many major cities, but that state is Delaware, which continues to attract more companies each year, further reinforcing its predominance. There isn’t one single reason why Delaware has long been the favored state for incorporating.  This enviable position is because of the total package of incorporation services, developed and refined over the years.

Delaware’s centuries old Court of Chancery has written most modern U.S. case law, while interpreting Delaware’s General Corporation Law, which is known as the most usable and advanced business formation statute in the nation.  The Division of Corporations in this business-friendly state provides state-of-the art service to customers.

The Division’s 2010 Annual Report, summarized below reviews progress, developments, and marketing efforts which keep Delaware the premier state for incorporations.

New entity formations grew 15.5 %

70% off all new filings in 2010 were LLCs

24% of new filings were corporations

2.5% increase in active business entities since 2009

17 consecutive months of growth since the national economic recovery began in 2009, with 20% growth in the first three months of 2011

76% of all new Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) are Delaware entities. (Such as LinkedIn & Pandora Media)

Incorporation revenue made up 26% of the State’s general fund for 2010

Marketing efforts included many trips worldwide looking for opportunities to expand Delaware’s global market share

The total package, with Delaware’s General Corporation Law, Court of Chancery, and Division of Corporations working together to reinforce each other, make Delaware the premier home for corporations today.

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