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Overview of Delaware Division of Corporations 2009 Annual Report

When it comes to incorporation services Delaware has the complete package, wrapped up with efficiency and excellence! Beginning 215 years ago, Delaware’s Court of Chancery has written most of modern U.S. corporation case law, and the Delaware General Corporation Law is known as the most usable and advanced business formation statute in the nation. And to top it off, the state government’s Division of Corporations is known for its state-of-the-art service to clients, attorneys, registered agents, and others. The Division’s 2009 Annual Report reviews continuing progress, new developments, and remarkable marketing efforts:

  • Delaware is the home of 63% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 102,029 new entities were formed
  • 73% of all new Initial Public Offerings were domiciled in Delaware
  • Incorporations revenue accounted for 25% of the State’s general fund
  • Division operating expenses were fully covered by expedited service fees
  • Website transaction use was up 15% from the prior year, and new services are being launched
  • Worldwide marketing efforts are expanding, with delegations visiting Brazil, Canada, Israel, and Spain to promote Delaware as the premier legal home
  • Visiting delegations were hosted from Australia, China, Japan, and Taiwan

Quality management systems are continually monitored in order to ensure systematic control to meet the needs of clients from the U.S. and around the world.

According to Jeffrey Bullock, Secretary of State, “The Division of Corporations has earned well-deserved praise for its professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to quality. As a supplier to world-class companies, we continue to strive for world-class performance and service.”

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