Changing Behavior For Sales Performance Part II


This is the second in a series of blogs; you can read Part I on this subject if you haven't yet done so.

The Man Behind the Curtain: The Place Where Beliefs Reside

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Virtually anyone who is familiar with American film culture recognizes that famous line from The Wizard of OZ. Regardless of whether we recognize it or not, we all have a “man behind the curtain” who pulls levers, turns dials and throws switches that affect our behaviors and how we act in any given situation. This “man” lives within the realm of our sub-conscious that we at Integrity Solutions Inc. call the “I AM” dimension.

Let’s back up here a moment and start with a simple model to gain some perspective. Think of a snowman made up of three circles built on top of one another decreasing in size.

The head of the snowman is the “I Think” dimension. Here we accrue knowledge, process thoughts and use logic to make decisions and solve problems. This cognitive dimension is at work during consciousness to negotiate our daily living based upon our experience and perceived needs. It is where the Will and the Intellect are housed. Most education and what we call training are aimed at this dimension.

The next dimension deals with the realm of our emotions which we call the “I Feel” dimension. Our emotions drive us far more than most of us care to admit.  The range of emotions one experiences each day can range from the sublime to the primitive. They can affect our will and achievement drive, especially evident in a selling context. We feel good, we feel bad, we feel happy, we feel sad--we just don’t feel like making those sales calls today.  Sometimes we are at a loss as to where these feelings are coming from or why we are experiencing them at a given time. William James, the famous 19th century Harvard psychologist, stated that where emotions and will come into conflict, emotions will win out 85% of the time. Test that statement with your own life experience and see if that is true for you. If you have ever gone on a restrictive calorie diet you can relate.

The third dimension, the snowman base, is what we call the “I Am” dimension. Here reside our values, ethics, attitudes and beliefs. This is where our actions and behaviors are determined by our beliefs about how we see ourselves. These tapes play 24/7 regardless of our awareness. Our belief boundaries are circumscribed in this sub-conscious dimension. In a sales context that translates to matters such as how much we are capable of selling and how much we deserve to earn and enjoy. This man behind the curtain is powerful and determines our success or failure, our excellence or mediocrity, our winning or losing.  Expose“him, change him and use him in order to develop personally and professionally. Most so-called sales training fails because it does not recognize or handle this dimension. All three of these dimensions must be in harmony in order to maximize our full potential. How that is done will be the subject of the next several installments in this series.


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