Best Industries For Starting a Business

By Carleigh Lowe Thursday, June 4, 2009 created a very interesting list of the best industries for starting a business right now. Add to the list in the comments!

Here are their picks:

  1. Candy
  2. iPhone Apps
  3. Health Care Technology
  4. Beer, Wine and Liquor Wholesale
  5. Software as a Service
  6. Home Healthcare
  7. Yoga Products and Services
  8. Technical and Trade Schools
  9. Fast-Casual Dining
  10. Green Construction
  11. Niche Consulting
  12. Education Technology
  13. Temporary Staffing Firms
  14. Government Services
  15. Accounting Services
  16. Repair Services
  17. Self Improvement
  18. Energy

Check out the full slideshow with explanations here:

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