Advantages of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing, is bringing about big changes between advertisers and media outlets, and between buyers and sellers. Usually, whether web based, print media or a broadcast, the advertiser pays a fee based on the number of readers, viewers, or visits to a site. The advertiser pays the fee no matter how many sales or inquiries the ad generates. This conventional form of advertising can cost a lot of money and produce little. At a time when longstanding newspapers and publications are going under, the affiliate marketing industry is thriving!

Affiliate marketing, changes the traditional equation drastically. The owner of one web site might be a “publisher,” just as the newspaper is a publisher. In affiliate marketing, owners of other web sites are the advertisers. Advertisers typically only pay a commission to the publisher when a visitor takes specific action by clicking a link or banner, resulting in an inquiry or sale. The advertisers try to solicit publishers rather than the publisher soliciting advertisers. The advertiser entices publishers by the amount of commission paid, popularity of the product or service advertised, and the rate of conversion. The conversion rate is the crucial; simply boils down to how many sales were brought in!

Affiliate marketing has worked for countless sites, if you feel this is right for you, take your time and thoroughly research the industry before beginning.

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