Adding Value


In business, are you adding value?  Not just value in your product or service, and not just value in the company, although both of those are important. 


What I am referring to is adding value to the relationship itself. Adding value to the relationship means that every time you interact with the customer, that customer gets a feeling that you care, and knows that you will do everything you can do to help them. 


Eventually that feeling turns into loyalty and if they ever need anything else, they are coming to you.  Every time you come in contact with someone you have an opportunity.  Whether it is over the phone, in person, or even an email.  You will either add value or devalue the relationship. 


In most businesses, this is important because you typically will speak with the same client many times. I think it should be everyone’s  goal to add value to the relationship each and every time.  It will impact the service you provide because when you make a conscious effort in each customer encounter to strengthen that relationship with the customer, it shows.


They may have a question, they may have a problem, or they may be calling to place an order,  but when you add value and strengthen that relationship, by letting them know that you care, they get off the phone feeling better about you, and better about your company.  Remember, there is nothing more important to your bottom line than repeat customers and referrals.

Everyday at work we have a chance to truly strengthen our relationships with others. Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." Are you adding value?

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