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Our Exciting New Collaboration By
harvard business services, inc.
Harvard Business Services, Inc. is collaborating with the Delaware Small Business Development Center... Read More
Board of Directors Oversight: Do’s & Don’ts By
board of directors dos and don'ts
Erik Nielsen, PhD has more than 35 years of experience in higher education. He is currently the Consulting Vice President of Kaludis Consulting and he served as president of Franklin College of Switzerland for 17 years... Read More
What Is a Certificate of Incumbency? By
what is a certificate of incumbency
The Certificate of Incumbency displays the names and positions of the corporation’s directors and officers. It also includes information related to whether they were appointed or elected, and the term of their office... Read More
Change of Ownership For an LLC Is Easy in Delaware By
change of ownership for an llc
Change of ownership for an LLC can be complicated and requires costly amendments in most U.S. states. However, not in the state of Delaware. Unlike other states, Delaware requires very little information to be made public in order to form an LLC... Read More
Operate a Delaware Company in New Mexico By
foreign qualify my business in new mexico
Each state has different rules, policies and requirements for registering as a foreign entity. New Mexico has an application process and state fee, and requires your company’s Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware... Read More
Par Value: How Low Can You Go? By
how to calculate par value
Par value is the lowest limit set to the value of a share of stock in a corporation. Here's how to calculate your Delaware par value... Read More
Disadvantages of a Sole Proprietorship By
disadvantages to a sole proprietorship
A sole proprietorship has some advantages, but the unlimited personal liability makes it a very problematic business entity... Read More
How to Register a Business in California By
how to register a business in california
If your corporation or LLC generates income or maintains tangible property in California, you are doing business there and will need to foreign qualify your company... Read More
6 Benefits of Registering Your Trademark By
should I register my trademark
A trademark is typically the business name or company logo; it is important to have a unique, memorable name or emblem so your customers can easily identify your business amongst your competitors... Read More
Company Formation Documents, Defined By
company formation documents
Each business entity requires different company formation documents upon incorporation. We explain them all | Certificate of Incorporation.. Read More