7 Services You Should Expect from Your Registered Agent

By Amy Fountain Monday, November 14, 2016

services you should expect from your registered agentIs your Delaware Registered Agent doing everything it can for you and your business? 

While all Registered Agents abide by basic standards, an exceptional one will offer you services that are both convenient and necessary to business owners.

What if you bought a car from a dealership but were never offered assistance with service or parts? 

The situation is similar for a Registered Agent, who should be able to help you after the initial formation of your company.

Here are some services your Registered Agent should be able to assist you with:


  1. get EIN onlineObtain a Federal Tax ID Number (also known as EIN) for your company. The EIN is vital for business owners who want to open a bank account. You could contact the IRS directly and get the EIN yourself, but that requires filling out the paperwork correctly and sitting on hold with the IRS for a couple of hours.
  1. file foreign qualificationFile a Foreign Qualification/Certificate of Authority in your home state. Once the company has been formed in the state of Delaware, you’ll need to complete the Foreign Qualification process in your home state.
  1. Order copies of documents from the Secretary of State. Sometimes a company may need to supply a Certificate of Good Standing, a Certified Copy or other official documentation to a bank, lender, investor or another state.
  1. Provide templates of necessary internal documents. A Limited Liability Company must have an LLC Operating Agreement in the company’s record books and a corporation needs to maintain a current copy of its bylaws
  1. registered agent can get corporate sealMost companies will also need membership certificates (for an LLC) and stock certificates (for a corporation). It is beneficial to have a full corporate kit that contains these items, as well as a corporate seal.
  1. Prepare and file certificates with the state of Delaware for a name change and/or stock amendment. If you need to update the name of the company or modify the original number of authorized shares, a Certificate of Amendment will need to be prepared and filed with the Secretary of State’s office.
  1. mail forwarding serviceOffer a mail forwarding service with a physical street address. All of your company’s mail can be sent to a Delaware address and then forwarded to you on a regular basis.


If your current Registered Agent is not providing you with quality service, then consider changing your Delaware Registered Agent

Update: As of August 2017, we now offer a Virtual Office service.

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