2017 Will Be the Year of the Entrepreneur


2017 year of the entrepreneurIf you feel as if you should have started your company already, or regret not forming your own company in 2016, this can be your year.

It’s no secret that the most expeditious way to fulfill your professional dreams is to start a company and become your own boss.

There is no better way to achieve wealth. There is no better way to provide for your family. There is no better way to gain freedom from a life of unfulfilling labor.

In fact, starting your own company is the best way to fulfill all the aspirations you possess.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s easier now, in 2017, than it’s ever been before. It’s easier to form a company, easier to raise money to grow your company and easier to find qualified people to work for your startup. It’s also easier to create a winning idea for your startup.

Easier to form a company:

Never before have so many company formation services existed in order to help you set up your company, at a minimum cost. More than 50 companies can help you get started. The cost of starting a Delaware company, one that is completely drafted for you—including filing fees—can be less than $200.

Easier to raise money:

Never before have so many angel investor groups been looking for new companies in which to invest. These groups, starting with the New York Angels more than ten years ago, have sprouted up around the country and invested millions of dollars in startups.

Once you get beyond the angel stage, a huge pool of venture capital funds are ready to invest billions in young companies. Crowdfunding is another new form of fundraising that has improved the chances of entrepreneurship, making it available to all.

Easier to find qualified people:

Millions of people out there are looking for jobs today. Whether you want service workers, high tech engineers, laborers, writers or healthcare professionals, the pool of available workers has never been larger.

how to come up with good startup ideaEasier to come up with a winning idea:

Disruption is the name of the game today. Take any product that already exists and make it better with the addition of a microchip, a long-lasting lithium battery and a connection to the internet.

That’s it. In the next ten years, every product sold today will be re-made, and will work differently, by improvements in technology, some of which are available at a minimal cost.

Pick your product, redesign it and go for it.

Get ready to become completely engrossed in your product. Get ready to research every aspect of your product until you achieve the breakthrough that will set you apart from the pack.

Get ready to analyze your vision 24/7/365 and refine it continually by finding the true path of least resistance.

But your new compny will be fun! It will be rewarding! And it will be fulfilling!

So give this some thought: where do you want to be next year at this time? Still wishing you’d already started your company? Or well on your way to fulfilling your dreams?

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