Franchise Tax Deadline for Delaware Corporations


'Do you own or operate a Delaware corporation? (Not an LLC.) The deadline for the annual corporate Franchise Tax report is March 1 of each year. Have you filed and paid for your Delaware corporation’s annual Franchise Tax report yet?


If not, Harvard Business Services, Inc. can help you stay in compliance and complete the filing by the impending due date. [Please note that LLC/LP entities have a different deadline, which is June 1.] If you do not file and pay your company’s Franchise Tax by March 1, you will incur a $125 late penalty as well as a 1.5% monthly interest fee added to the overdue balance.


Your corporation will also lose its Good Standing status in Delaware.

The annual corporation Franchise Tax report must be filed and paid every year. Do not be fooled into thinking your company does not have to pay the Franchise Tax for any reason. This annual obligation is required, even if:

  1. Your business activities have not yet started
  2. Your company has not opened a bank account
  3. Your company has not filed a federal tax return
  4. Your company has not yet posted any revenue or profit


To put it simply, if you own a Delaware corporation, the annual Franchise Tax report must be filed and paid by March 1 of every year. 


Harvard Business Services, Inc. has the expertise to assist with the filing of your annual Delaware Franchise Tax report. The fastest and easiest way to get this accomplished is online.


Once we have received your online order, we will submit your corporation’s Franchise Tax filing to the state of Delaware. You will then receive a copy of the documentation for your records.


We are happy to help you file your annual Delaware Franchise Tax report; however, please keep in mind that our office processes thousands of Franchise Tax reports, so in order to make sure all the filings are processed on time, we must enforce a cut-off time for accepting new orders. Therefore, please take note of our office schedule for March 1, 2016:

  • At 2 PM EST, the ONLY way we can accept filing requests is via our website
  • At 5 PM EST, our office will be CLOSED. We will be unable to answer any telephone calls, correspond via live chat or respond to emails.
  • At 8 PM EST, our website WILL STOP accepting any more online orders.


After 8 PM EST on March 1, 2016, we will no longer be able to accept any Franchise Tax filing requests of any kind. You will need to contact the state of Delaware directly in order to make payment arrangements. The state of Delaware’s contact details are:  


Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your annual Franchise Tax report filing. Let Harvard Business Services, Inc. take care of it for you today.

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