101 Tips from Small Business Bloggers


American Express OPEN Forum has a fantastic list of tips they compiled from small business bloggers.Below is an excerpt.

On the Small Business Advantage

1. "Respond. This is the single biggest advantage you have over the big guys. Not only are you in charge, you also answer the phone and read your email and man the desk and set the prices. So, don't pretend you have a policy. Just be human."
Seth Godin,
Seth's Blog

2. "As a small business owner, you have the advantages of speed and flexibility. Use them to your advantage. Like Wayne Gretzky, skate to where the puck is GOING to be, and chances are that you'll get there faster than your larger, more bureaucratic competitors."
Chuck Frey,
Innovation Tools

3. "Show your passion for helping your customers solve problems - and talk to them like you talk to your friends. A real, enthusiastic, human voice is every small business's edge"
Andy Wibbels,

4. "One simple social business policy might be: Be invested. Be human. Be helpful as if the whole company depends on what you say and do, because customer service is the advantage of small business brands."
Liz Strauss,
Successful Blog

5. "Smaller scale businesses should take advantage of how easy it can be to maintain closer, more intimate ties with their now very values-based end consumers (who have high expectations about brand interaction)."
Andrea Learned,
Learned on Women


On Motivation, Persistence, and Resiliency

6. "Outlast the competition. I was amazed at all the empty storefronts I saw in LA on my last visit. On one particular block, three or four of the ten lunch places were shut down. And the others? Doing great. That's because the remaining office workers who used to eat lunch at the shuttered places had to eat somewhere, and so the survivors watched their business grow. A war of attrition is never pretty, but if you're smart about overhead and scale, you'll win it."
— Seth Godin,
Seth's Blog

7. "Don't give up. Most people who are self-employed went through a time when they had no money. And they worried they would lose everything they own, and their career. And they kept going. The people who succeed are people who refuse to quit. If you keep trying to make money from your business, you will eventually succeed so that you don't starve. Really. Just don't quit."
— Penelope Trunk,
Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

8. "Count up your successes regularly. One person I know put a marble in a fishbowl each time she got a compliment or a bit of good press for her business or a nice note from a customer or a big order. Then every time she looked at the fishbowl she was reminded of all the good things in her business. Her employees could see it, too. This is invaluable on days when everything seems to go wrong. It keeps self-doubt from building up – and tearing you down. It also helps employees feel good."
— Anita Campbell,
Small Business Trends

9. "If you find yourself in a rut, try thinking back on the reasons you initially wanted to start your own business and don’t lose sight of them. If you need to, write them down."
— Megan Dorn,
The Startup Blog

10. "If you do not enjoy what you are doing, try something else."
— Anthony Cerminaro,

11. "Do not be afraid of hard work, learn to multi-task, be flexible and patient."
— Harish Keshwani,
BusinessWorks, Inc.

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