101: Steps to Producing Your Own Company Videos


Back in October I wrote an article announcing the launch of our video series here at Harvard. In this article I want to elaborate more on what it takes to produce a series of videos. Many of you have probably thought about doing this, but are not quite sure what it takes to produce a series of videos for your company. You might think it is as simple as setting up a camera on a tripod and sitting in front of it and pressing Record, but not so fast let’s take a moment  and break this down because  If you want to do it right you have to take it in steps.

Here are five easy steps that can help you to produce a series of videos for your company:

  • Sit down and brainstorm ideas for videos. Take a minute to figure out what makes you different from your competition, this could be a product, or service.
  • Set Intermediate, Short Term and Long Term Goals. Make sure these goals are feasible, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure.
  • Determine your time frame for both production and post-production. Keep in mind that the post production is where all the magic happens and takes time.
  • Determine how much money to budget for this project.
  • Interview and hire a production company to help carry out your goals.

Once you have followed these five simple steps you will have a library of videos to market your business to the entire world, much like Harvard.

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