101 on Creating a Business Plan


Once again Design Sponge has a great post for their Biz Ladies series. This time on Creating a Business Plan. I know that so many entrepreneurs find this task to be very daunting. I think this post will help, below is an excerpt:

Developing a Strategic Plan

Since mid-2008 we have been living, working and surviving in uncertain times. As the owner of an independent business, you likely have faced challenges such as restructuring your business model, adjusting how you and your staff interact with customers, living with fluctuations in billing structures and an increase in the number of hours you and your staff work. It has not been an easy time!

So, if you don’t have a strategic plan already in place, now may be an excellent time to take stock of your hopes, dreams and realities and draft a roadmap for yourself and your organization. If you do have an existing plan, it’s a good time to fine-tune and update it. When I was in summer camp, one of my favorite activities was orienteering. With the aid of a compass and a topographical map, we had to figure out how to get from A to B in dense forests. It was before GPS, and there were no easy answers as this activity required thoughtfulness, courage, creativity and a spirit of adventure in knowing that there are many ways to ones destination. As a Biz Lady, this memory is the best analogy to the process I encourage in conceiving and establishing a strategic plan for your business. Strategic plans aren’t scary, they don’t have to be too formal, and yes, they can actually be fun to draft.

Making a Strategic Business Plan

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